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We are one of a handful of agencies that develop sophisticated plug-ins for JetBrains IDEs (including IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm).

We have already carried out complex plug-in projects in the past and can draw on a wealth of experience!

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What we offer

Our JetBrains IDE plugins are specially designed for an ideal developer workflow. We are happy to implement extensions for you that will make your developer’s work easier, e.g.:

  • Auto-detection of frameworks (also multi-component frameworks)
  • Creation of run/debug templates
  • Development of own editors (e.g. for own programming languages)
  • Extension of menus and toolbars
  • Auto-recognition of languages and language combinations of several languages in one editor.
  • Element folding and structure views
  • Own help functions, custom screens & install wizards
  • Context-sensitive autocomplete
  • Custom themes
  • Support for JetBrains Marketplace & Maintenance.
  • Many, many more

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Our Team

Paul Piper

Managing Director

Jennifer Brehm

Head of Project Management

Dr. Michael Kaiser

Head of Technology

Julia Hertha

Head of Marketing

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