More productive developers – with a custom IntelliJ Plugin!

We develop your custom JetBrains Plugins

Improve the workflow of your engineers – or your customers

Every developer spends most of their day in their chosen IDE – the JetBrains IDE products offer a wealth of options out of the box and are customizable with additional plugins.  It is possible to add custom run/debug templates or to add support for syntax highlighting for your own custom programming language or framework. Or maybe you have some additional information you would like to retrieve from a service and show in the IDE – all of this is easily possible.

A custom plugin can be a great addition for your internal engineers or as a supplement to your existing product offering if you are targeting developers. We can help you design and implement such a plugin. 


Ask us! We are here to support!

What is possible?

Our JetBrains IDE plugins are designed to help engineers improve their workflow. We are happy to implement extensions for you that will make your developer’s work easier, e.g.:

  • Auto-detection of frameworks (also multi-component frameworks)
  • Creation of run/debug templates
  • Development of own editors (e.g. for own programming languages)
  • Extension of menus and toolbars
  • Auto-recognition of languages and language combinations of several languages in one editor.
  • Element folding and structure views
  • Own help functions, custom screens & install wizards
  • Context-sensitive autocomplete
  • Custom themes
  • Support for JetBrains Marketplace & Maintenance.
  • Many, many more

Experts in JetBrains IDE-Plugins

We are one of a handful of agencies that develop sophisticated plug-ins for JetBrains IDEs (including IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm).

We have already carried out complex plug-in projects in the past and can draw on a wealth of experience!

Contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you!

What have we worked on?

The nature of Plugin development means that we cannot talk publicly about everything we have worked on – but here are some areas we have tackled before:

Custom Language Support

Not every programming language is supported out of the box. We have worked on lexers and parsers before to allow syntax highlighting for additional langauges – or a mix of several in one file

REST Service Integration

Do you offer developers a set of APIs as part of your product? It can be benefitial to offer these to them in the tool they spend their whole day in! We have the know how to add these as a custom window with settings and everything you may need.

Login for your product

If your plugin is for your customers, there is a good chance you also want them to log into your application or website. This is doable.

Search Implementation

Maybe you need a very specific search for your application or files. There are options for adding such search helpers to IntelliJ.

Framework Detection

Sometimes an application is really a custom framework that is the basis of the work being done. Allowing the IDE to detect the framework and understand it, is the first step for getting your users up to speed fast.

Custom Auto-Complete

Maybe your developers are working with a specific set of instructions that would be ideal for auto-complete but the IDE isn’t picking up on them by itself. No problem! It is possible to define your own – we can add those for you via a plugin.

Custom Views and Windows

There are several ways to add windows and views to IntelliJ – we have extensive experience with selecting the right one for the use case

Your use case

We would love to help implement your use case. Please contact us to talk about options!

We want to support you!