Rookout – JetBrains IDE Integrations

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Rookout is a cloud-native debugging tool that empowers software engineers to solve customer issues 5x faster, by making debugging easy and accessible in any environment; from cloud native to on-prem and from dev to production. With its live data collection and debugging platform, Rookout allows  software developers to to deep-dive into their code in real-time, as it’s running. Using Non-Breaking Breakpoints, software engineers get the data they need instantly, without additional coding, restarts, or redeployment of their application required. The serverless software can be integrated into an array of applications and is compatible with a large set of environments and languages.

ilscipio was responsible for the implementation of Rookouts core JetBrains solution. The plugin is compatible with most JetBrains IDEs (CLion, GoLand, Intellij IDEA, PyCharm, Rider, RubyMine and Webstorm) and available for free on the JetBrains marketplace. The software is compatible with all core Rookout functions and implemented a range of IDE specific functions, such as a custom language implementation, a clear integration into the core debug process, custom screens, custom extension endpoints, the integration of OAuth and an GraphQL client and much more.