For small businesses & midsize companies

Are you a magento-client?

Magento is suitable for small to midsized companies as well as start-ups. The platform serves companies whose requirements are largely focused on standard functions.

The professional web store solution offers a wide range of applications. The system scores with a simple user interface as well as one hundred percent customizability, arbitrary scalability and multilingualism.

Magento is widely used and a very popular system with many functions and possibilities.



Simple scalability

Responsive design

Multishop capability

E-Commerce function for SEO


Goods and order management

Implementing your online store

Magento requires a lot of training despite the advantages. In addition, many plugins are from the English-speaking world and have to be adapted (so if you happen to be focussing a non-english speaking market, you may need some extra help).

While the installation is relatively simple the setup is quite complicated. For this reason, you should consider our support.

Companies will only be successful if they put technology first, are innovative and meet the increasingly demanding requirements.

We can also help you to integrate or replace an existing store to Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce or ScipioERP.

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