Content Management with Magnolia CMS

Demands on a website and its functionality can be very different. If you have more complex needs or want to run multiple sites, Magnolia CMS is ideal. This Java-based enterprise content management system offers a wide range of modern features, such as personalization or use as a headless CMS, while being a first-class classic website builder.

Years of experience

As gold partners, we have years of experience under our belt and can look back on a large number of websites that we built with it.

We are happy to help you to create your website with Magnolia CMS.


A modern CMS must be able to meet many requirements – this is precisely where Magnolia impresses with its possibilities.

Whether it is multilingualism, multiple websites, personalization, data retrieval via API, publishing with 4-eye monitoring and multiple user rights, a digital asset management (DAM) system or connection to other data sources used in-house – everything should be possible. In addition, the development for the CMS should be fast, agile and flexible. Magnolia offers all of this!

Visual Editor

All content is displayed directly in the page – the editor can see exactly what it looks like before publishing.

Modular System

All pages can be assembled from previously defined components from a visual component kit.

Easy personalization

Define the criteria according to which personalization should be possible and your editors can independently store the content for the target group-specific address.

Multiple websites? Multiple languages? No problem!

Wether a page should be available in several languages or several different pages are desired – everything is possible without any problems with Magnolia.

Document-Management Built-in

Besides a great visual editor you also need a good asset management system for your images, documents and videos for the website. Magnolia has this already built in or can be connected to your existing system via API.

Modular structure

Magnolia CMS can be easily extended via modules. In addition to official extensions of the manufacturer these are also available from the community – completely individually for you and your needs.

Data and display separately

Whether the data is to be played out directly as HTML or passed on to Vue via API in a headless CMS – no problem at all.

Data hub instead of Silo

Not all data accumulates in the CMS. Through various APIs, Magnolia can connect to many other systems and use and display data from them.

Complexe user rights

Make sure that each editor sees only the areas necessary for him. This can be done directly in the system or via LDAP.

Content: prepare - control - publish

Magnolia CMS works with the 4-eyes system. Every change can be prepared first and controlled by another person before it becomes visible on the website directly or time-controlled.

Fast & Flexible

With Magnolia CMS you get a highly customizable content management system that is easy to use and allows you to make changes at lightning speed.

An intuitive interface for editors to enter content and flexible development possibilities for developers make it an ideal companion for your corporate communication.


Creative freedom in a predefine framework

Building blocks for the structure of the website are defined once and can be used anytime afterwards.
Magnolia CMS uses components for the page structure. These can be defined centrally once and then used in the editorial maintenance. This allows creative freedom to be ideally combined with predefined layouts and rules. Authors also receive a direct preview of the page with all graphic elements – ideal for content maintenance!

The contents are technically stored separately from the graphic design so that changes and adjustments can be made easily at any time.

Digital experience platform

A static website is no longer enough today. Dynamic, personalized content on the page and overlays in an app – many wishes have to be reconciled today.
Magnolia CMS is ideally suited as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and allows data from different sources to be combined and then used in the creation and playout of content on the website or via API. This gives you the opportunity to pursue your digital strategy exactly the way you want it.

Structure data management

Much of your website’s content exists in a structured, consistent form – why duplicate pages when the data can also be maintained separately?
Magnolia CMS offers areas with the so-called Content Apps to manage any recurring data in a separate interface and then play it out in a consistent layout or make it available via API.

To do this, you simply define the input fields and create a new app – within minutes!

IntelliJ IDEA – Magnolia CMS Integration Plugin

In addition to the development of websites with Magnolia CMS, we also offer a plugin for the IDE IntelliJ IDEA used by us to work faster and better with Magnolia.