Sentry – Error analysis in real time

A Log Management Tool

Error monitoring with Sentry

Sentry is an open-source software with which you can monitor program errors and crashes in your source code. You can also evaluate the performance and optimize it as best as possible.

With this log management tool you can reduce the total error rate of your program and monitor it optimally at any time via your dashboard. Sentry helps you seamlessly diagnose, troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your code. This gives you an overview of how production code is impacting your users.

Connect Sentry to a myriad of applications (such as: GitHub, Gitlab, Slack, Mattermost) so you can be notified of bugs at any time or have them assigned as tickets to a developer.

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Advantages of Sentry

With the log management tool you can uncover source code, error filters and stack locals in real time and also improve application performance monitoring with stack traces. Once set up, Sentry presents all collected information in a structured way in case of an error:

  • time of the error
  • how often the error has happened
  • Server name
  • Server data (URL, cookies etc.)
  • as well as the stack trace (what has led to the error).

In this way you keep an overview and can quickly take care of the errors that occurred.



Application Management

Dashboard for error tracking

Backlog Management

Bug Assignment

Role Management

Workflow Management


Task Management



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