Years of experience

Magnolia CMS extensions development


Magnolia CMS is characterized above all by its easy extensibility. This makes it possible to easily introduce additional functionality through new modules.

We have years of experience in the development of extensions.

Unlimited expansion possibilities

Magnolia is very flexible in the ways it can be used and also in the ways the platform can be extended.

A few examples:

  • Custom templates and components
  • Content Apps for structured data
  • Data connection via API to other systems
  • Import and conversion to structured data in Magnolia
  • Export of existing data
  • Storage of user generated data in a database
  • Creation of content delivery APIs


Years of experience

As a gold partner, we have been working very successfully with Magnolia CMS for many years and have already implemented a large number of websites with it.

We would be happy to help you create your website with it.

Connector Pack, Java Module or Light Module – everything is possible!

Magnolia CMS is extensible in a variety of ways and over the years has been given different options through which additional modules for the system can be developed and made available. All have their different advantages and disadvantages and are therefore suitable for different purposes.

We have gained a lot of experience with all of them and would be happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you in a joint project.

Connector Pack

Connector Packs are a new feature in Magnolia 6 to connect Magnolia CMS with your other systems. There are a lot of existing Connector Packs but if one of your systems is not yet available, we can develop a custom Connector Pack for you.

Java Module

Magnolia CMS is a Java-based enterprise system and can be extended with additional modules. These extensions work like existing modules of Magnolia and can add a variety of functions to the system and also include complex logic.

Light Module

Since a few years Magnolia can be extended via so called Light Modules. These purely file-based extensions allow to easily add additional content apps or templates to the system.

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