Database management system as an open source solution for companies

Large data sets – high performance

Do you have large volumes of data in various systems and are you looking for a powerful data warehouse for your company?

With ClickHouse, as a column-oriented database technology, you can unify data up to several petabytes. Your data is collected in the most efficient way and you can generate analysis reports in real time. By using SQL as a query language, you can draw on in-house expertise.

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Andvantages of ClickHouse

What will impress you most about ClickHouse is the high performance with which your data is aggregated and analysed.

ClickHouse, as an open source SQL data warehouse, processes analytical queries faster than conventional row-oriented systems. When it comes to analysing very large amounts of data, classic database systems are often overwhelmed. This is where special Big Data applications like ClickHouse are needed.

The database software is very user-friendly, reliable and easy to use. The user-defined SQL queries for your data sources give you flexibility at all times. In addition, the tool excels in scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Open source tools such as Redash are compatible with ClickHouse and give even inexperienced users easy access to complex reports and data analysis.

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Unite your company data now and create individual queries for your analyses.

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